Thanksgiving week delivery schedule update

Subscription changes and substitutions must be made by Sunday the 21st at 10am.

Deliveries scheduled for Wednesday the 24th will be made on Monday the 22nd

Deliveries scheduled for Thursday the 25th will be made on Tuesday the 23rd

Deliveries scheduled for Friday the 26th will be made on either Tuesday the 23rd or Wednesday the 24th. Exact date of delivery has been emailed.

Deliveries scheduled for Saturday the 27th will be made on Wednesday the 24th


*Green Beans


*Yellow Squash


*Sweet Potatoes


*Collard greens






*Fresh Turkey Herb Blend (Sage, Thyme & Rosemary)


*The French Pantry’s Fresh Baked Pesto Cheese Rolls


* Basic Bag Content listed in Orange

*All Items Subject to Change


What’s in The Rancher: November 2021


2 packages – 1lb. Grass-Fed Ground Beef


2 package –  Free Range Chicken Leg Quarters


2 packages – 12 oz.  Grass-Fed Boneless Ribeye Steak


1 package  – Pasture Raised Sea Salt & Peppercorn Bacon


1 package  – Grass-Fed Tri Tip Roast


*The Rancher XL includes double the amount of all Rancher items