Thanksgiving week delivery day update:


*All order changes and delivery holds must be submitted by Sunday the 22nd at 10am.


*Deliveries scheduled for Wednesday November 25th will be made on Monday the 23rd


*Deliveries scheduled for Thursday November 26th will be made on Tuesday the 24th


*Deliveries scheduled for Friday November 27th will be made on either Tuesday the 24th or Wednesday the 25th depending on your location. Please check your email or contact us for a specific date.


*Deliveries scheduled for Saturday November 28th will be made on Wednesday the 25th




*Green Beans


*Sweet Bi-Color Corn


*Sweet Potatoes




*Rainbow Carrots


*Thanksgiving Turkey Herb Blend 


*The French Pantry’s Fresh Baked Pesto Cheese Rolls


* Basic Bag Content listed in Orange

*All Items Subject to Change


What’s in The Rancher: December


2 packages – Pasture Raised Moo Ma’s Original Ground 

2 packages – 1 lb. Free Range Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast

2 packages – 8 oz. Grass-Fed Filet Mignon

1 – Free Range Whole Chicken

1 package – Grass-Fed Beef Burgers


*The Rancher XL includes double the amount of all Rancher items