Our Mission

It is our mission to provide the freshest, locally sourced products, showcasing our area’s farmers and the commitment we share to bring people a natural way of providing for their families.

For the health of our environment and your loved ones, we are passionate about bridging the gap between you and our local farmers.

Our Story

Before Local Fare, Chris was an executive chef. We were always on the hunt for fresh and sustainable food. The best place to get high-quality, low-mileage food is from local farms. It supported our community and also kept the dining room full! It became apparent that the low cost and high-quality local food was not only hard to find, but the alternative commercially sold produce was astronomically priced!

In 2011 Local Fare was born. We were hit even harder with these realities when, as young parents, our son was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. Processed foods were shutting his body down. We could hardly afford to feed him healthy food on our income. So, it pushed us even harder to make local fresh food accessible AND affordable! It is a cause near and dear to our hearts and we are thankful every day for our community who make it possible.

— Chris & Cora Curry

Awards & Certifications

Snail of Approval Award

Slow Food First Coast for awarding us with the Snail of Approval Award!

Farm Share

We proudly sponsor Farm Share. An organization dedicated to making sure that no Floridian goes hungry and no food goes to waste.

Featured On Jacksonville Mom's

A BIG thank you to Mary Eubank with The Jacksonville Mom’s Blog for featuring us

Features on News4JAX

 Thank you News 4 Jax for showcasing all of Local Fare’s services and supporting all things local!

Why We Eat Local

Good for the environment

 Cuts down your carbon footprint by having less miles on your plate. Eating local means less transportation by getting your from food right here in our region instead of something traveling halfway around the world before it finally makes it to your table.

Boosts our Local economy

Eating local is great for your health but it also keeps your money right here in our community. Whether it be one of our many local farmers or producers or our dedicated staff members we strive to support and grow the local market. We work hard to make sure that the ones who produce the food rather than those who market, distribute and label it earn what is rightfully theirs.

Saves you time & money

No more gassing up your vehicle, driving to the store and standing in line just to get something that is overpriced and already on the way out. Your customizable local bounty will just show up on your door step just picked with recipes available to show you how to use it. 

Support local farmers

We are blessed with some of the best small family farms here in and around Jacksonville. Farmers that deal with all of the different elements from high heat, hard freezes and torrential down pours and are still dedicated enough to keep on producing these amazing crops. We are so thankful for all that they do and believe that it is our duty to support them for choosing to do it the right way.